The world of financial analysis can be quite complex at times. If you feel daunted by so many information sources and can’t easily distinguish between the good and not so good once, we’re here for you. We’ve selected some of the reliable sources of information which you can use to explore the topic of algorithmic automated systems further. Nevertheless do not forget that we are not affiliated with any of the websites and authors, so be sure to double-check the information through your own critical thinking.

Basics of Algorithmic Trading: Concepts and Examples

This website is a trusted source of financial advice and learning, and you can use it for advice on most financial matters in your life. This easy to read article explains the basics of algorithmic automated systems and gives you the common knowledge you need on the matter. The article will explain to you what this type of trading is, where it’s applied, and what your next steps should be if you want to learn more.

The New Investor - Temple University Legal Studies

If you’re interested in the scientific take on the matter of algorithmic automated systems, this research paper may be interesting to you. It’s written in a way that explains the subject clearly enough even if you’re not a quant expert, and it explores the rise of algorithms and machines and their significance in finance. You’ll learn more about the present and the future in the area, and you’ll get an idea of the latest research on the matter.

What is Algorithmic Trading?

This organisation is a good place to get certified in algorithmic automated systems and is a great information source on anything related to the subject. They explain really well how algorithms work, and provide examples which would be easy for you to understand if you’ve had some background and reading in finance, but you’re not necessarily an expert. Their educational series of articles are a great resource if you’re trying to decide whether this option is something you’d like to pursue further.