We are “Quantitative Strategies Academy” Foundation with ID 205965277. Our mission is to achieve a wealthier society by empowering individuals to reach their personal financial and investment goals. We provide еngaging and informative, step-by-step educational resources with the main focus on quantitative analysis and automated systems.

The world of finance is often complex, even for people who have some experience with it. At the same time, finance is an integral part of our lives and day-to-day work. We need to have knowledge on the subject to be well-functioning members of our society and to be able to secure our future.

On the other hand, finance can be an interesting and exciting field. If you develop your skills, you can easily improve your life, the ones of your family and society in general. Managing the financial matters in your own life and educating others on how to do the same can make the difference between leading a good life and remaining in the rat race, living from paycheck to paycheck.

We believe that everyone should be able to make an informed choice, and have the knowledge they need in order to lead the best life they possibly could. Our qualifications and experience in the field help us provide useful and applicable information to people who are interested in the subject but are too busy to delve deeply into it.

Our mission is to empower people by giving them the necessary tools and knowledge to make informed financial and investment decisions.

The quantstrategies.academy platform is designed to assist you to learn everything you need about trading in easy step by step bits. If you’re ready to learn, but don’t know how or where to start, you can use our training materials and follow your own pace, progressing as quickly as you want. Many people stop themselves from investing because they think they need to devote significant time to this. Quite often, time is something we all need more of. Therefore our educational materials focus on quantitative analysis and automated algorithmic systems – tools which allow you to benefit from the markets without spending too much time and resources.

Our team consists of professionals in the world of finance. After having spent years in this exciting field, we felt it’s time to give back to society. We strive to share our experience with people like us, those who believe finance is interesting and exciting, and who would like to use this tool to improve their lives and those of the people around them.

Our Work

In pursuit of its mission, the “Quantitative Strategies Academy” Foundation has a range of activities. They’re all related to what we believe needs to be done to improve the financial lives of people in our society.

Online information

We educate people through articles, videos and other forms of educational content. We also believe in optimising work and saving time. Therefore we focus on strategies and methods which will allow people not only to manage their investments wisely but also automated and timely optimized.


We host a range of training formats - online as well as offline - to help people get in touch with us and the experts we work with. We believe we can be most useful when we don’t just share knowledge and experience but also talk to people about specific things we can assist them with. Discussion is often where truth emerges, and we always strive for that.


We hold events and participate in those held by others whom we share values with. We believe in strong partnerships, and we select the people we work with to reflect what we do and support. Educational and community-building events help people take their first steps in the world of finance, manage their resources and find a support network on that path.

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