The financial sector holds many events for people interested in the area. Nevertheless, good educational events on finance and analysis in the sphere are not easy to find. Therefore, our team has been collecting information on what’s coming, and we’ll inform you about some of the reliable places you can go and meet people face-to-face. We are not affiliated with any of the events and their organizers, so be even our critic and do your own double-check research.

QuantMinds International

11-15 May 2020

Hamburg, Germany

This is the world’s leading quantitative finance conference and a place where you can meet various experts in the field. The agenda includes talks on modelling, trading, machine learning, data and more. With more than 450 attendees speaking every year, it’s one of the biggest and most influential events in the sector, and a chance to explore the field and learn from renowned experts.

Quant Summit Europe

11-12 March 2020

London, Great Britain

Another one of the largest and most prominent events in Europe, it gives you the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with over 130 renowned quants and data scientists from the world’s leading financial institutions and universities. With events in London, New York and Singapore, this is a part of a global series of events giving you great networking and learning opportunities.

6th Symposium on Quantitative Finance and Risk Analysis

24 – 26 June 2020

Crete, Greece

This event is held by the Monash University and gathers scientists and risk analysts to discuss scientific issues applied in practice. You get to learn from some of the best in the math, algorithmic and analysis fields and at the same time enjoy a unique setting. Greece is an amazing place to be in at this time of year, and Crete provides many opportunities for networking out of the usual conference agenda, which is another reason to consider attending this conference.