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In pursuit of its mission, the “Quantitative Strategies Academy” Foundation has a range of activities. They’re all related to what we believe needs to be done to improve the financial lives of people in our society.

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Nikolay Nikolaev

Diyan Doychev

The team of the “Quantitative Strategies Academy” Foundation consists of professionals in the world of finance. We have a vast experience in finance, trading and investments, and we believe that our shared knowledge can also benefit a wide number of people who have an interest in finance and investing.

The world of financial analysis can be quite complex at times. If you feel daunted by so many information sources and can’t easily distinguish between the good and not so good once, we’re here for you. We’ve selected some of the reliable sources of information which you can use to explore the topic of algorithmic automated systems further. Nevertheless do not forget that we are not affiliated with any of the websites and authors, so be sure to double-check the information through your own critical thinking.

We need people with cause and skills for completing our purpose and mission. Become involved.

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